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Increase in foreign trade, economic recovery and a positive trend in industrial production have affected the increase of international traffic, and has led to an increase in the number of trucking companies and the companies using all modes of transport: road, rail, sea and air.

The main activity of the company DOMINANTA- international cargo transportation, full range of services for the transportation of goods and customs clearance, as well as delivery "door to door". Geography of our shipments covers more than 15 countries in Europe, Baltic States, Balkans and СIS countries. Goods may be shipped by any kind of transport, which is always in a good technical condition, because the reputation and the company"s profit depend on the quality of the services of the transport company.

Logistics company DOMINANTA offers its customers the most advanced level of service for freight and is ready to provide partial or full range of services. We always calculate rates for shipping and choose the optimal delivery scheme. Transportation is carried out under strict control at all stages of cargo movement, so you can be sure that the load is always delivered on time.

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