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Additional Services

DOMINANTA company is ready to provide you the following services:

Certification of any goods on the territory of the Russian Federation

Cargo insurance

Search for manufacturer

Agency services for the supply of goods;

Participation in negotiations

Translator services in the field of import-export relations

Goods purchasing


In modern business there is an increasing need for partner, who is able to organize not only the cargo transportation, but the entire range of logistics services. The definition of goods delivery involves not only moving from one point to another, however, in our days, this concept involves many other factors. Vehicle selection and route planning, recommendations for packaging and loading method, terminal handling, customs clearance, documentation for export and release of goods for free circulation – are generalized concepts, which are integral parts of delivery of cargo.

In addition, due to the language, time and cultural barriers we do not manage to initiate contact with the supplier of your interest. We wonder if there is a company that can offer the full range of services – from purchase of goods to its delivery to the place of interest with the execution of all formalities.

Our answer – exists. Feeling the latest trends in the transport market, carefully listening to the wishes of clients and demands of our partners, we are able to offer a new product – multi-functional logistics or 3PL logistics. The term stands for “Third Party Logistics”. It is a complex of logistics solutions allowing implementing the purchase or sale project, “from top to bottom” (“on turnkey basis”), regardless of its complexity and capacity.

This approach allows bringing the logistics to a new level – chosing the goods of your interest, you will be able to order not only its delivery, but also entrust execution of all the formalities in relation to the purchase, transportation, customs clearance and storage. As a result, you will get the goods and logistics in complex, dealing only with one partner, with a concrete manager and at the desired time... Comfortable, isn"t it?

Moreover, cooperating with DOMINANTA, you can forget about the risks that can arrise in the process of cargo delivery, however any operations performed with the cargo will be insured. Thus, the reliability and confidence in the future will be the basis for the financial well-being and prosperity of your company, while a team of professional logisticians and marketing specialists will execute all operations.

So you will only have to receive the goods in a convenient place and at a convenient time...





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